YES for Education is a dynamic and innovative educational institution
dedicated to setting new standards in primary, secondary, and higher education.


YES for Education is a dynamic and innovative educational institution dedicated to setting new standards in primary, secondary, and higher education.

Our mission is to increase literacy rates and contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by providing quality education to students of all ages and backgrounds.

We are committed to creating self-sufficient professionals through technical and vocational training, while fostering global educational globalization.

Mission Statement:

Empowering individuals through education to transform communities, create opportunities, and build a better future.

Core Initiatives:

Expanding Educational Access: YES for Education is dedicated to providing quality education to marginalized communities and deserving families with limited incomes, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Technical and Vocational Training: We establish institutes, colleges, and universities that offer technical and vocational training programs to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global job market.

Educational Research and Development: We conduct research, surveys, and monitoring to improve the quality of education. We design frameworks, manuals, and policy papers to reform curriculums, learning, and teaching methods, contributing to an overall improvement in the educational system.

Library and Reading Culture: YES for Education is committed to reviving the culture of reading and establishing libraries to promote knowledge sharing among the public.

Scholarships and Support: We provide financial assistance to intelligent and hardworking students from underprivileged backgrounds, enabling them to access quality education.

Empowering Women: YES for Education offers skill development community training and work-from-home programs to empower women from disadvantaged families.

Quality Assurance: We facilitate, monitor, and rank schools, colleges, universities, and institutes to enhance the quality and standard of teaching and learning. We also assist educational institutions in obtaining ISO certifications.

Teacher Training and Development: YES for Education organizes teacher training programs and academic learning initiatives to improve the quality of education and teaching methods.

Post-Study Career Support: We offer post-study career training to young students, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to secure meaningful employment.

Awareness Campaigns: YES for Education organizes workshops, seminars, programs, and short courses to promote useful knowledge in areas such as economic development, skill development, health, hygiene, and safety standards, benefiting students, the corporate sector, and the general public.

Madrasa Integration: We work to integrate school curricula into madrasa teaching systems, promoting a well-rounded education for all.

Educational Cinema: YES for Education manages mini cinemas for children, where they can learn about scientific and nature study subjects through audio-visual lectures, educational movies, and entertaining shows.

Recognition and Awards: We recognize and honor outstanding students, teachers, and individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the field of education.

Our Commitment:

YES for Education is committed to creating a brighter and more equitable future through education. We believe that education is the key to unlocking human potential, and our efforts are focused on making quality education accessible to all, fostering skill development, and continuously improving teaching and learning methods.

Join us in our mission to transform lives, uplift communities, and build a world where education knows no boundaries. Together, we can set new standards and create opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.